TechMAX Team – A Great Team!

The heart and soul of the business.

Sourcing & Purchasing Team

Technically sound, these guys can find you anything anywhere. They also have the experience to identify the right supplier and to expedite orders securely!

Sales Team

All fluent in English and the clients main contact.

Quality Control Team

Checks that what was ordered get loaded, whilst checking and implementing quality control systems… – All products are unique, and we work hand-in-hand with clients in order to check that each product performs as required.

Management & Marketing Team

Although word of mouth referrals remain our most successful marketing tool, the fulltime involvement and leadership by the owners of TechMAX remains fundamental in the growth of the business and the relationships we build.

TechMAX Team - A Great Team!

Daring perseverance and an unexplainable love for the Chinese mainland has seen TechMAX grow into the business it is today!
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