Doing Business in China Just Got Much, Much Easier

Your office in China is an innovative concept that provides you with the support and infrastructure you need to conduct business in this challenging environment. Over the years the founders of the business have amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience in Chinese business etiquette, practices and methods.

Through the Your Office in China platform, our wide-ranging expertise is now available to any company wishing to embark on their own Chinese business ventures and capitalise on the many exciting opportunities available in China today.

Whether you’re looking to source products, find reliable manufacturers, set up an import/export operation, or just eager to explore new possibilities, our extensive network of proven contacts and business partners, gathered over many years, is ready to assist you.

Doing business in China is often a minefield for the inexperienced. Even seasoned veterans can run into problems. Wouldn’t it be much easier if you had contacts with local knowledge and insight to help you navigate the through the dangers?

That, in a nutshell, is precisely what Your Office in China offers you.

Our vision:

To be an effective turnkey solution for all your Chinese business endeavours.

Our mission:

To add value to your business by being the one-stop solution to all your Chinese business needs, and to provide a comprehensive and complete platform to help you to conduct business in China.

Our Story:

Your Office in China is a division of TechMAX, a company founded by Gerard Kaufman in 1999.

Gerard, or “Gerry” to those who know him well, has been living on the Chinese mainland since 1999. Consequently, he is highly conversant with China, the Chinese people and Chinese business practices.

Lives cross paths and good fortune is often the outcome. Gerry met Lodie Pretorius towards the end of 2004 and what began as a strictly business relationship quickly grew into a solid friendship, and finally a full-blown, formal business partnership based on mutually shared values and goals.

Today, TechMAX has become a melting pot of dedicated people, life-long friendships, a wealth of experience, and an unstoppable outpouring of innovative business ideas and solutions.

It’s through TechMAX that you gain access to Your Office in China. – your one-stop solution and gateway to all that China offers.